Off With The Underskirt And (tuck) In with Nykd’s Saree Shapewear

by Shubham Ladha

Saree underskirts — also known more locally as petticoats — are a common accessory used to wear sarees. The drawstring skirt has been used commonly since colonial times, but hasn’t been updated. Because of its uneven gathering around the waist, tucking in your saree can feel cumbersome, resulting in a lumpy drape.
Before the festive season starts rolling in, it’s smart to prepare yourself with the right accessories. Nykd’s saree shapewear can help you get dressed more effortlessly. Its body-conscious construction hugs your curves in all the right places for a mermaid silhouette.

Nykd by Nykaa, Rs.1,199
No Strings Attached
Unlike the regular petticoat, Nykd’s saree shapewear can just be slipped on snuggly. It’s so soft and comfortable on your skin, so it won’t cause any irritation or chafing. There’s no irregular bulky gathers because of the evenly stitched combination of Nylon and Spandex. The shapewear’s strong elastic waistband holds your saree in place, keeping the tucks secure and aligned throughout the wear. So, you’re free to dance and have a good time without a worry.

Nykd by Nykaa, Rs.1,199
Streamlined Silhouette
Nykd’s saree shapewear has been designed with focused compression on the side of the hips to tuck them in firmly. These areas converge at the centre with ease for your saree pleats to flare with ease. All of these combine to compress any muffin tops or side bulges, giving you a defined and sculpted shape. The side helps you move comfortably, so nothing gets tangled at your feet.

Nykd by Nykaa, Rs.1,199
Camouflage Confidently
Available in 5 basic colour palettes, Nykd’s saree shapewear can be paired without any worry with a multitude of colours in your wardrobe. They can be easily hidden under your saree, leaving everyone guessing how you can pull your saree off with grace and effortlessness. The colours are blue, red, beige, nude and black.

Nykd by Nykaa, Rs.1,199
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