Here’s What Women Feel About Nykd By Nykaa’s Cups Of Joy

by Shivani Chhabra

You’d be lying if you didn’t admit to owning that one bra you are thankful for everyday. Right from the fit that feels like it has been customised only for you to the comfortable design, every feature of this hero(ine) bra makes it your best purchase ever. If you have found yourself going on an admiration rampage about how you keep looking for more such lingerie pieces but nothing really comes close, hear us out!
We know just the bra that belongs to your favourite section in your top drawer—Nykd by Nykaa’s Cups Of Joy! Like the name suggests, this T-shirt bra, which is available in 5 colours, is an absolute joy to wear. Crafted with soft cotton, the bra features perforated cups that let your skin breathe, along with wide wings for a more defined shape and support. Double-layered with cotton, the elastic doesn’t directly touch the skin but lends you a much-deserved extra support. In a nutshell, it comes with the advantages of a wired bra, but without a skin-digging wire—sounds like a dream, right? Read on to find out people’s reviews of this star product.

Diya Nadig
I recently purchased the Cups of Joy Bra and I can’t stop obsessing over it. It gives great shape and support even without a wire. This is such a great go-to everyday bra I can wear under T-shirts and tops


Priyanka Arora
I ordered it 2 days back and by far it’s been the best wire free bra I’ve ever worn. The fabric, fit and feel is just fantastic. And being a wired consumer (for ages), I was hesitant to try it but after wearing it, I’m sure I’m going to get it in more colours. It gives great shaping and support and it didn’t feel any different from my wired bras. Worked seamlessly under my fitted T-shirts. So glad I bought it. Kudos to the team. To many more amazing products from Nykd.
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