The app guide to surviving the lockdown

by Aakriti Patni

We’ve turned our bedrooms into offices, our living rooms into cinemas and our dining rooms into restaurants to survive this lockdown. But without a doubt, this would have been impossible to do without the slew of apps that have become our lifeline during this time. Work meetings, virtual house parties or meditation sessions, there is an app for everything. Ahead, we list the essential apps you need to download to get through these tough times.


In these unprecedented times, we’re all struggling with a river of emotions, unsure of how to cope with the reality of COVID-19. That’s where Headspace steps in. A meditation and mindfulness app, it’s perfect for those who are just starting out in this space. They have guided meditation for better sleep and concentration, as well as courses on managing panic and anxiety.


The millennial way to consume (and listen to) literature, Audible proves to be an entertaining and educative app. Tune in to their wide selection of children’s books for your little ones or curl up on the sofa with your headphones and listen to your favourite novel. The app boasts a variety of genres, from fiction to non-fiction to learning and spiritual.


There has never been a more pressing need than now to be updated with current affairs. And if like us, you’re looking for one platform where you can easily consume all news, then turn to PressReader. A digital library that boasts more than 7000 international newspapers and magazines, the app is perfect for those who want to lose themselves in the news.


The app that has single-handedly been a saving grace for businesses worldwide needs to be on your work phone if it’s not already. Zoom enables work meetings to flow efficiently with its superior quality of video and audio, screen sharing and presentation mode. And not just that, it allows free calls for up to 25 participants for a forty-minute meeting, making it perfect for small set-ups.


We may be in a lockdown, but that doesn’t mean the party has to stop. And ‘face-to-face’ social media app, Houseparty ensures that. With up to eight people allowed in one session, the app allows you to host virtual parties, with games included! Play the Pictionary inspired Quickdraw, Ellen DeGeneres’s Heads Up or beat your best friend in a trivia quiz.

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