Your best bottom buds to all the fun footwear

by Drishti Mistry

While the only rule in fashion today is to follow no rules, we just try to piece together sartorial solutions for those rare times you might find yourself in a fashion fix. Stylistically speaking, you could wear any kinds of bottoms with any kinds of shoes – you do you! But like it or not, certain styles look better when worn with certain styles according to the style set and that’s just it. So we thought, we’ll round up all the types of bottoms you might possibly have in your wardrobe and shine the light on the shoes to go with them to help you put your best foot forward. Below, find fun footwear and their best bottom buds…

Skinny Jeans

Gap, 2,400

These bottoms are one of the most versatile to style – almost any shoe type will go. But to be specific, pick from staggering stilettoes, thigh-high and ankle-grazing boots or stylish sneakers.

Puma, 3,900

Cropped Pants

Global Desi, 520

The coolest companions to cropped pants come in the form of slinky sandals, laidback mules and point-toed boots. Steer clear of chunky styles such as army boots to keep you from weighing down the look.

Twenty Dresses by Nykaa Fashion, 1,497

Flared and wide-leg Pants

Notebook, 10,500

When tackling these trousers, height of the shoe makes all the difference. Count on heeled mules, block heeled and platform sandals to give you legs for days. P.S. this combo makes for a great lengthening trick for petite and shorter body frames.

Catwalk, 1,996

Culottes and skirts

Gap, 2,400

Statement sneakers and slinky sandals look equally flattering with this bottom type – it all depends on the occasion you’re wearing these to.

Catwalk, 899

Tapered Pants

Torqadorn, 3,250

Equally flattering with flats, sandals and boots, these type of bottoms work from eight till late with a simple swap of shoes.

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