The Ultimate Sports Bra Guide For Every Workout

by Shivani Chhabra

Working out without an appropriate sports bra is like shopping on sale without leveraging the offer—it’s counterintuitive. Indulging into intense physical activities without a sports bra can cause excessive movement for your breasts, causing the skin and Cooper’s ligaments—that provide shape and define the breast size—to tear down and make them saggy. Needless to say, there is no going back once these ligaments have stretched out. Choosing the right sports bra can largely depend on the kind of physical activity you undertake. For example, high intensity workouts need more support and grip, while moderate activities that require lesser movements can be done with a lesser grip. Below, we’ve picked out different bra styles for workouts ranging from high to low intensity. Keep on reading to find out.
Racerback bras for HIIT

Racerback Sports Bra Red


4Keeps Bra PM -White


Black Alpha Sports Bra


High Impact Sports Bra


Stretchable bras for yoga

Non-Padded & Wirefree


Black Slip On Active Bra


Non-Padded & Wirefree


Non Padded Wire Free


Built-in bras for zumba

Bra With Removeable Coo..


Bra With Removable..


Non-Wired Activewear


Back Padded Active Bra


Criss-cross back bras for running

Energy Sports Bra – Black


Padded Wirefree Sports Bra


Back Padded Solid Sports..


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