How to Incorporate the Top Trends for Home Decor in 2022

by Shubham Ladha

Since the last three years of the global pandemic, we’ve spent more time at home and indoors than ever before. It’s become our dwelling. And with every passing year, we try to instill in our spaces a renewed sense of peace and calm by changing its aesthetic language. It’s an extension of our expression and creativity, but also an exercise in surrounding ourselves with all the things that help make our lives better. And what’s a better note than that to start redecorating your space for a happier 2022?
The home is the focal point of most our activities now, and as we gradually gravitate towards living with more durable objects that will continue to give us comfort in years to come, its with this mind that we at Nykaa Fashion have listed these top trends of the year for you:
Shades of Brown
Rich, warm and comforting, brown is a neutral palette cleanser of a colour. The deep neutral is versatile in an earthy way, making it perfect to pair with other warm and cool colours without it being a sensory overload. The beauty of the different shades of colours in this hue is that even if used monochromatically, they’ll make you feel cosy, while simultaneously being elegant and timeless.
From rosy, clay-coloured shades to dark and woody ones, the colour offers flexibility to be worked with, and that’s an important factor in interior design this time around.

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Inspired by Nature
Since we’re spending a lot more time indoors, there’s a natural willingness to sustain the connection we have with nature. Be it wood and stone to crystals and marble, the need to have raw, organic and nature-inspired objects in our surroundings is a clear indication of how much we want to bring in the peace and calm atmosphere of the outdoors, circulating through our spaces, especially since we plan to live with these objects for years to come.
Even the addition of simple flora and fauna-inspired objects is a great and easy way to start welcoming nature at home.

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Evil Eye (Nazar) Coasters


Sculpted & Curved
There’s been some extensive introspection into why sculptural furniture and decor this season. Softer design elements such as curves and rounded edges have been studied to make spaces they’re in, more welcoming, safe and friendly.
These are elements that evoke a sense of peace, calm and satisfaction because we can understand the work that’s gone into designing curves and sculptures, be it hand-made or by a machine.

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Tactile Textiles & Textures
Textiles and textures which you can touch around home, add a beautiful sense of dimension to the objects and the space. The more time we spend indoors, the deeper a connection we have with the spaces we inhabit, and to achieve the most sensation out of these spaces, tactile textures and textiles lend a nuanced and subtle feeling when touched and felt.
While rugs and carpets are one easy way of going about it, even incorporating these features into bedding and wall decor can enhance the touchability of a space.

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Mid-Millennial Grand Modern
What sets this theme apart from Mid-Century Modern is the incorporation of comforting prints and patterns, particularly floral chintz. With the popularity of the cottage-core style in fashion, the pastoral, country-side trend is also occupying the home decor space for the easy-going yet beautiful vibe it lends.
The trend is very curated however, with subtle additions of colours, pipings and trims that make all the difference when put together.

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