Don’t let the monsoon rain on your parade

by Gianella Masceranhas

The monsoons bring major styling hurdles. It’s never easy to go about your business without ending up with a slew of grey sky conundrums. Think stains, soaking wet fabric and footwear that just doesn’t meet your sanitation standards.
But don’t worry! We’re here to set down the ground rules and make dressing for the monsoon easier than ever. PS: Never be caught dead in pristine whites, avoid endless hemlines and steer clear of flip-flops.
As for accessories, look for ones in faux leather, PVC and coated fabrics that repel water and are perfect for the season.

Go short
Avoid anything that’s ankle-skimming or longer. Instead, pick shorts, skirts and dresses that have short hemlines as they are less likely to get dirty.

On the bright side
Brighten up your day with pops of color—whether a dress, jacket, or in the form of a waterproof accessory.

Trusty tunics
They are super versatile and can be styled with just about anything. Also, its loose-fit allows it to dry quickly.

Pick PVC
Gum boots are a complete no-no! Bring out PVC heels that are not only stylish & waterproof, but also transition effortlessly from day to night.

Statement scarves
Add a dose of drama to your muted formals with a printed scarf. Make sure to pick easy-to-dry and breathable fabrics, we’re talking silk, chiffon and cotton.

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