Do the millennials only wear Indian wear during a festive occasion?

by Hrishitaa Sharma

From cinema to fashion, the western world influence is prevalent in different aspects of our life. In the endeavor of moving towards growth as a country, there’s bound to be a cultural shift, especially in the present generation. Let’s take our everyday dressing, for instance, yesteryears saw women’s affinity towards Indian wear on a daily basis. Today, with the ease in dressing, exposure to western trends and expressing more freely through fashion – It makes us wonder: are the 20 somethings, as familiar with Indian wear as their parents were back in their youth? We asked 8 millennials a question that can help us understand the dynamics better.

“Do the millennials only wear Indian wear during a festive occasion?”

1. I don’t wear Indianwear unless it’s a festive occasion. Usually, wearing a pair of jeans is way more comfortable than a full Indian outfit. I don’t have to think much about what to wear when it comes to western attire but with
Indian, you have to put together a look – it’s also not versatile for after plans.

2. I only wear ethnic during festivities. I am half Catholic and growing up in my family we only wore Indian when we were to visit our ancestors back home. It doesn’t come naturally to me or as my first choice on a daily basis.

3. I do wear Indian apart from festive occasions. I find it really pretty and comfortable. Today we have a lot of trendier options in Indianwear for millennials to look young and great. The best part about dressing up in Indian is that you get to wear cute jhumkas with it.

4. Yes only during festivities. I don’t shop much Indian. I feel very comfortable in western wear. With Indianwear you have to complete a look and that’s a tedious task.

5. Yes, I do wear Indian wear often because it’s comfortable and you can look elegant too. It makes you feel different. It brings in my feminine side and somedays i just like to dress up more rooted in my culture.

6. I love wearing Indian clothes. I feel I look way prettier in Indian clothes. In a metro city, you don’t see many people in salwar kurta as western is more accepted in places nowadays. But I choose Indian outfits often and not wait for the festivities!

7. I don’t like Indian wear, i feel it’s too hassling. I dress according to what I feel like and my personal style is more western. Even during festivities, I try to keep it more fusion than traditional Indian.

8. Being a Punjabi, I love wearing Indian when I’m in my hometown but on a daily basis it gets a bit hectic. It’s easier to style a pair of jeans than a salwar kurta.

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