A step by step guide to rearranging your closet

by Drishti Mistry

There’s tidying up your closet and then there’s actually rearranging your closet – when you tidy it up, you simply put things in their place but organizing or arranging your closet is more of an intentional activity where you edit and plan it according to your personality. And what better time than now to revisit and rethink the contents of your closet? So, we thought of putting together a step-by-step guide that will aid in the transition. Of course the way you arrange your closet will also largely depend on the kind of closet you have but we’re sure you’ll find these steps useful in one way or another. Scroll below to find out…

Step 1: Empty it out

When we say empty it out, we mean really just pull everything out! This will help you find things you didn’t remember you had, or you thought you lost or simply missed out on because over time, certain clothes get pushed right at the back of the closet and in the end you’re not able to get much use out of

Step 2: Clean it up

While you will get to the sorting of the clothes later, make sure you thoroughly clean out your closet space first and get rid of all the collected dust or pests if any. Wipe it clean or vacuum away the whole area but don’t skip this step as this will truly create a clear canvas and prepare your closet for re-storage.

Sweat it out

Remember exercise releases endorphins. So, the best way to bid farewell to blues is a good workout. Whether you like yoga or dancing, stream your favourite workout on TV and get your family to join in. We promise, it’s more fun when you do it together!

Step 3: Edit and declutter

Now it’s time to delete everything that doesn’t fit you right, is tattered or isn’t aligned with your style anymore. Or as Marie Kondo would put it, cast away pieces that no longer spark joy. No matter how you decide to do this step, the important thing to remember is, you haven’t really rearranged your closet until you’ve discarded the pieces that don’t serve you anymore. You could further sort out ways to part with them – donate them, swap them with a friend or simply throw them away.

Step 4: Color code it

Yes, color code everything from your hangers to labels to clothes – this will not only make your closet an aesthetically pleasing one but also help you stay organized and find things instantly. You may color code them as per occasions or activities – it’s really up to you. Pro tip: Arrange all your clothing in one direction and from short pieces of clothing to long for cohesiveness.

Step 5: Store it right

Now that you’ll start putting things back in your closet, make sure you store the clothing the way it needs to be. For instance, sweaters need to be stored with moth repellents to avoid mildew during monsoons or cotton pieces will always go up in hangers to avoid creasing. Make use of closet organizers if need be. Doing this will ensure that you get the most wear out of all the pieces you love. While folding your clothes, make sure you file fold instead or pile fold which mean, store them one after the other as opposed to one on top of the other. This will give you a wider view of the contents of your closet, utilize more space and keep the arrangement intact while pulling out a piece or two.

Step 6: Set it season wise

It is important that you reset your closet every season by putting the ideal seasonal clothing out front and all the other clothing at the back. This will avoid making a mess and will keep all your essentials within reach. This step also applies to your shoes and accessories.

Step 7: Maintain and repeat

This may not be an immediate step but bear in mind that doing this exercise just once a year isn’t enough and that you need to keep repeating these steps every few months if you truly want to optimize your closet.

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