5 Must-Have Accessories To Style Men’s Formal Wear & Business Casuals

by Divya Pal

Given the expected decorum in an office environment, your work wardrobe is often limited to formal shirts, trousers, blazers and coats. There is little or no room for fabrics like denim or relaxed silhouettes like jerseys, T-shirts, etc. And in such cases to elevate your office wardrobe, accessories are key. After all, even men have got the right to look every bit stylish.
When it’s about formals, your accessories need to be sleek and refined. You’d also need to make the right colour choices so that it appears sophisticated but at the same time offers an elevated look to your regular workwear numbers. And when in doubt, it is always best to go for metallic colours like gold, silver and rose gold, which are in trend these days. To help you step up your personal style game this season, we have listed 5 thoughtful accessories for men that are a must-have in every formal wardrobe.
Wrist Watches
Watches are a well-known formal wear accessory that is known to many men. A must-have accessory to pair with your workwear apparel, the type of watch you choose to wear gives a subtle hint about your personality. Leather strap and metallic belt watches go very well with your formals and business casuals. Avoid sporty designs with your dress suits as they look quite out of place.

Grey Dial Analog Watch


Analog Blue Dial Men…


Gold Bracelet for Men


Color Black Men’s Watch


An everyday accessory for working men, belts are designed to keep your pants up, but, especially in rap culture, are commonly used as a fashion statement. Leather belts go perfectly well with your formals. The only key point to remember here is to look for belts that are of the right size. Avoid anything that is either too long or short.

Men’s Genuine Leather…


Leather Reversible Belt


Coated Finished Buckle


Brown Belt


Classic Sunglasses
Sunglasses are one of the most common accessories seen during the summertime. And when you are looking for a nice all-around pair of sunglasses that will suit most events, classic sunglasses are the way to go. Opt for medium-sized sunglasses like the Wayfarer, or the pilot and clubmaster sunglasses in dark-tinted shades, to style with your workwear outfits.

Polarized Tech Wayfarer


Clubmaster Frame Style


Oval Shape Sunglasses


Round Sunglass With…


Dress Shoes
Unlike other accessories, you will most likely need a pair of shoes to wear every day. Although it’s important to add a few footwear options in your capsule collection (such as white sneakers or brown boots), having a pair of dress shoes like Oxfords or Derbys can instantly elevate your office look. Be sure to add some classic colours which always go well with your formals.

Brown Formal Shoes


Blair Tan Textured Brogues


Leather Formal Shoes


Solid Black Men Formal


Rings & Bracelets
One of today’s most-wanted accessories, rings and bracelets have become increasingly popular to style with any casual or formal apparel. And with so many options available among bracelet and ring styles, it has become extremely easy for men to showcase their personalities with these accessories. If you are someone new to this, we suggest you start with a subtle and classic piece like a band ring or a link chain bracelet, that will work with almost anything.

Matte Finish Silver Tungsten


Poppi Bolt Handcuff


Poppi Bolt Ring



Black & Silver Stainless


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