As An Editor These Are The 5 Pairs of Shoes I Can’t Live Without

by Haya Khan

When it comes to my wardrobe, shoes have always taken center stage. From comfortable flats to sexy heels, you’ve gotta have one of everything. Here are 5 pairs of shoes I can’t do without.

The Quintessential Flip Flops

Everybody has them, everybody loves them. These flip flops are perfect for days I don’t have the time or energy to plan my outfits. They are a comfortable, no-brainer pair of shoes that go with everything.

Eridani Pink Solid Flats, Rs. 999

Happy-Go-Lucky Flats

Out of all my footwear, I definitely wear these flats the most. Whether I have to go run some errands or meet my friends for coffee, these flats are my ride or die pair of shoes I really cannot do without.

Nude The Ruched Lines Flats Rs. 1441

Beautiful Block Heels

These heels look pretty and are very comfortable too. They’re ideal for times when I have to be on my feet for the majority of the time and need to look more polished than usual. They also pair well with everything in my closet, from jeans to dresses.

Monrow Navy Blue Amirah Block Heels, Rs. 1,299

Stellar Sneakers

It’s the easiest and most comfortable way to (quite literally) boost your look. From chunky-soled platforms to tennis-shoe styles, both of them work perfectly with relaxed tailoring, off-duty jeans or even a printed co-ord set. And, I cannot get enough of them!

PUMA White Basket Heart Patent Sneakers, Rs. 2,999

Leather Boots, FTW

Pair these with a plaid shirt and a beanie. These boots look especially stunning in the colder months when you’re bundled up in sweaters and celebrating different holidays.

Truffle Collection, Rs. 2,250

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