Suhani Pittie on concocting a collection for Nykaa Fashion

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Fun fact: jewellery design was never on the cards for Suhani Pittie. An experiment with a piece of silver served as the starting point for the Kolkata-born, Hyderabad-based designer’s eponymous label, which has come to be loved by the country’s celebrities and continues to rake in a slew of accolades.
Her pieces that seamlessly merge old with new, east with west, are available at her store, website and have now found a new home in Nykaa Fashion. The designer just dropped an exclusive collection on our website, which has easy-to-match earrings, layered necklaces (we love it when the hard work is done for us) and more. From what went into its making to the woman it’s designed for, we got Pittie to delve into the details.

Take us through your collection on Nykaa Fashion.

The line-up is made of sophisticated and contemporary essentials. Every design comes with a surprise. This could be in the form of an unexpected motif or a unique material, which completely elevates the pieces.

What was the inspiration behind it?

The whole collection is centered around simplicity but we haven’t compromised on style. You’ll see a mix of unexpected elements that have continually inspired me over the years like nature and pearls.

What went into its making?

Our karigars create each item from scratch using various techniques in our in-house manufacturing unit. Hours of labour go into finishing these pieces and bringing them to the level of finesse that we are known for. The gold plating we do is of the highest standard of purity and our anti-tarnish layering helps keep the jewellery intact for years.

Who is the woman you design for?

We create jewellery that can’t be boxed into demographics. It really is for everyone who enjoys dressing up. We’ve found through a study that our youngest buyer is 12 and our oldest buyer is 80 or above. So, we design for women who come from all walks of life. For a few, a new purchase from us is an addition to their existing Suhani Pittie collection, for the others it’s an aspirational first buy.

The most cherished item in your own jewel box?

The first piece I ever made. Since I didn’t know better, I took a hammer and beat an old piece of silver until it became a thin sheet, folded it and made a necklace.

What advice would you give an emerging designer?

Focus on stories you want to tell and don’t be afraid to say it your own special way. Don’t emulate someone else’s triumphs and goals. Live your own journey and be prepared to work hard. There are no short cuts to success.

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