Round The Clock With Fashion Influencer Santoshi Shetty

by Lakshmi Nayar

Separated as we are by the COVID restrictions, I landed the opportunity to meet one of India’s most powerful fashion influencers over a telephonic interview. Needing no introduction, let’s take a moment to talk about instagram royalty and fashion phenomenon, Santoshi Shetty. From pursuing architecture in college to now known for founding The Styledge, Shetty pretty much revolutionized millennial fashion in the Indian digital community.
This interview was rare for many reasons. Despite being a strong fashion figure with a tight, chock-a-block schedule, the mumbai-based blogger was kind enough to give me thirty minutes of her time and offer a glimpse into her life and what this status means to her. Below, the youth fashion icon opens up about her personal style, her love for structured jewelry, what she would throw on for a dinner date, her biggest wardrobe malfunction and more.
Q. How does it feel to be a fashion inspiration to millions with such a loyal fan base?
Shetty: I’m just grateful for this feeling, really. I never imagined being here while I was studying architecture. It was organic the way everything picked up and I’m really thankful for this whole experience because it has taken me to places that gave me the opportunity to meet beautiful people throughout this journey. I’ve grown so much with it. Credit goes to my followers for giving me this platform to explore my potential and talent and present it to them. It’s a very overwhelming feeling for sure.
Q. Who is your fashion icon?
Shetty: I REALLY like Dua Lipa. I’m also vibing with Bella Hadid these days. I think she’s doing some really cool things. She’s amazing. She’s really exploring.
Q. How would you describe your style?
Shetty: Definitely edgy.
Q. What would you do if you could only pick 5 pieces of clothing to wear for the next 6 months?
Shetty: Denims, white sneakers, a pair of black boots, a white tank top and my sunnies.
Q.What is one wardrobe malfunction that you’ve ever experienced?
Shetty: Laughs. I was in Paris for this Mont Blanc event and it was for a social cause and I was the only one representing India. So, I had planned just one red outfit for it . While I was getting ready I accidentally burned it a little. This outfit also came with a belt and I managed to break the belt too while wearing it and I didn’t carry a backup. I couldn’t believe it. I still made it to the event and everybody in the room complimented me. I mean, of course because that piece was designed by the wonderful Nikhil Thampi. I called him up right after the event and I was honestly quite nervous to let him know that I burnt his dress and broke the belt. But yeah, the only thing that helped me that day was the creation, the fit (it was perfect) and my confidence, I mean, that’s fashion right? It can be broken, It can be incomplete, it can be complete, it can be nothing, it can be everything.
Q. What is your trend forecast for 2021?
Shetty: In one word, I think unconventional is the trend this year. We have finally reached a time where everyone is comfortable with constantly experimenting. Bold enough to try something that’s really wacky at the same time. People are constantly evolving. So as opposed to new trends, I see trends coming back with variations. Everything from unconventional cuts to basics with structure.
Q. What would you throw on before a dinner date?
Shetty: I wouldn’t wear anything girly, that’s for sure. I mean, that’s just not me. I think I would wear something very basic. It needs to be the best reflection of my personality. So, if I choose to wear a dress, I’d pair it with a pair of boots. I’d also go for a bodysuit with baggy denims and a pair of heels. I need to be comfortable. If I go on a beach date in a place like Bali for example, I’d go for short skirts, a bikini top and chappals. I also like to accessorize. So maybe thrown a couple of rings
Q. If you had to save 3 pieces of clothing from fire, which ones would they be?
Shetty: For me it has to be my most used pieces that are mostly basics and very versatile. So, I think the first would be my white pair of boots. Then a couple of my favorite denims and a well-fitted tank because it’s not that easy to find the right fit and style all the time.
Q. Five pieces of clothing every girl must own?
Shetty: A white or black ganji, a pair of classic blue denims, white sneakers, black boots and a good jacket.
Q. A jewellery trend you’re loving right now?
I’m really into everything silver right now. Chunky rings, minimalist rings and chokers. Basically very futuristic, structured jewelry.
Q. What’s your absolute no no when it comes to fashion?
Shetty: For me it’s all about the fit. Like, when it comes to denims, it can either make you or break you. The fit is so important. Otherwise it can look slightly tacky. It’s so important to understand your body and your silhouette.
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