Kriti Tula’s Take On Ethical Fashion

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In today’s fast-paced fashion industry there are some brands that are taking a step back and growing with the intention of having a minimal carbon footprint. Doodlage by Kriti Tula is one such label that’s paving the way for ethical fashion. Here’s the story of the talented millennial – Kriti Tula.

1. What’s the first fond memory of Doodlage in your mind?
Building a brand comes with many memories. We started our first sampling collection with this one tailor sitting in my house who travelled for 3 hours to get there. I would organise work and leave for my job it was all so exceptionally tiring. To know that, that artisan after so many years still chooses to work with me today and has seen that journey through with me, is good kinda feeling. It reminds me of a bunch of people, who are rooting for me to do well in creating this special brand called Doodlage.

2. You have showcased at many fashion weeks. What has the experience been like for you?
We have received a great response from media and consumer right from our first show and has always encouraged us to do more. It becomes a platform to connect and express to our audience in self-created space as compared to being represented by third-party store aesthetics all the time.

3. When did you feel the need to steer Doodlage towards being an ethical brand?
Doodlage started with a focus to create a circular fashion brand. And we are building this space, learning and expanding one step at a time.

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4. Why the use of up-cycled fabrics? There is already enough fabric going to waste, to put it in numbers 45,000 a day per unit. It’s a simple thought to be able to source this to convert it into short limited edition collection. This delays the process of those fabrics ending in landfills by 20-30 years. We started separating and hanging our own scraps – converting into bags and accessories and finally into paper, which then gets used to make our tags. And, this is only our initial steps as we want to further our efforts in the area by encouraging people to repair and return to us. We intend to create a reselling or recycling shop depending on the condition of the pieces.


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5. What’s been a constant struggle as a designer?
The constant struggle has always been to ensure a working capital and be able to build a brand.

6. When you’re not designing for Doodlage, what are you doing?
I am mostly…travelling, swimming, working out (yoga) and living it up with a small group of super close friends. And I also keep a wish list to learn one new skill every year!

7. What’s your personal style like. How much Doodlage can we see in your wardrobe?
My personal style is very uniform like. I could live in a uniform! I love basics and I pick test fits from Doodlage all the time. I love to shop for ethical brands or second clothing from thrift stores when I travel – That’s what I hunt for when I travel. I wish India had more alternative options but we are pushing to create that space.

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8. What’s a current trend in the industry how is design as a community evolving? Design as a community especially in India is leading a change towards building alternative spaces in every field.

9. Do designers hangout together often or it’s too competitive to do that? I think the millennial design community is much more collaborative.


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10. When and where was your last long vacation?
November 2017 Sri Lanka,
11. What’s your work style?
Organised. I plan a lot and execute it systematically.
12. Your website section: Y-SO-Seasonal caught our attention. What’s the story behind that?
The thought behind is to encourage people to break out of trends & seasons and shop for your style and make it last.

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13. What/who has been your inspiration to keep going on? People I work with have always kept me going. I want to create a brand where I can provide them with a living wage and not just a minimum wage.


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14. What piece of advice would you like to give all Doodlage wearers on Nykaa Fashion?
Make more sustainable fashion choices and read the label.

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