Five fitness experts on how to keep the quarantine fifteen at bay

by Drishti Mistry

We’re in the middle of a lockdown, the gyms are shut as are all the other areas where you could potentially get a good workout at, so how do you make sure you stay fit while staying in, especially when you’re bored and the temptation to reach out for those chips on your kitchen shelf seems too strong to ignore? Let us warn you that quarantine fifteen is as real as freshman fifteen! So, to make sure you keep all the extra kilos at bay, we connected with some of the best fitness experts around the city and got them to share with us a few fail-proof ways to staying active indoors. Read on…

“Start the day with a fistful of nuts and protein shake. Make sure to snack on a fruit before a workout. I also recommend intermittent fasting of at least twelve-fourteen hours. To stay active during the day, take a walk every 30 minutes for 2 minutes or do chores for at least 30 minutes. While working out, opt for exercises that have a high calorie burn and work the lower body at least three times a week. The most effective indoors workout routine according to me is 5 cycles of sun salutations- 50 forward to backward lunges, bear crawls for 50 seconds with 10 seconds break- Tabata with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds circuit-bicycle crunches-jumping jacks-side plank pulses on the right lateral hops-side plank pulses on the left-burpees with star jump.Finally end the day with an early dinner consisting preferably 50% vegetarian protein, 20% fat and 30% carbohydrates by 7 or 8 pm and don’t forget to clock in at least seven hours of sleep.”

– Urmi Kothari, Energy Coach and Founder, Kinetic Living

“Let’s use this lock down to open up. We are all at home going through an underlying stress about so much uncertainty around us. I believe a little yoga everyday with breathing and asanas can help us create a healthier environment around us. It not only pushes us to become a physically healthy person but also a much calmer and at-peace individual. A routine I highly recommend is 3 rounds of Kapalbhati- Anulom Vilom 10 to rounds with retention – Om chanting – 6 to 12 Surya Namaskars – 3 rounds of Standing Forward Folds – Triangle Pose 3 rounds each side – 3 rounds of Tree Pose – 3 rounds of Paschimottanasana Sitting Forward Fold – 3 rounds of Cobra Pose – 3 rounds of Locust Pose – 3 rounds of Bow Pose – Half Lord of The Fish Pose – Savasana. Yoga is a superpower so let’s make the most of it at the moment.”

– Pramila Khubchandani, Founder, Yoga by Pramila

“Have set meal times and try cooking your meals yourself. This is actually a great time to focus on your food and trying to add as many differently colored vegetables to your diet as possible. Think of it as a break from eating out and get creative. A workout routine I swear by? Try squats, push-ups, lunges and sit ups. Add weights if you have them. Alternatively, you can use water bottles or heavy books. Intersperse each set with a minute of skip rope or high knees – anything to get your heart rate going. I also recommend climbing the stairs if you have access to them. You could do a quick stair sprint workout – 30 seconds running upward and 60 seconds slowly back down to catch your breath , repeat 6 – 8 times.”

– Alekha Engineer, Nutrition Therapist

“I think the key to keeping fit while staying home is setting a strong routine and eating the right food. Workout at the same time each day – even when you’re not in the mood, put on your gym clothes and crank the tunes – you’ll be at it in no time. Plan your workout before you start, and don’t give up until it’s finished! Get your family involved – everyone needs a workout buddy! Eat wholesome, nutritious food and avoid those quarantine snacks – Instead opt for food that your grandparents ate in their youth. There’s so much that you can do with no equipment and just a living room space! Interesting combinations of basic movements can go a long way for people of any fitness level. At SOHFIT, we’re storying daily bodyweight workouts that only take around 30 mins to complete, and they’ll really get you sweating! Look out for those bear crawls; they’ll get you in all the ways! And if you want some help putting this structure into place, we have the next 40 Day Challenge starting 20th April!”

– Nonie Tuxen, Senior Coach, SOHFIT

“Use this “pressed pause” to “tune in” to your self. Try and cultivate a meditation & breath work practice that will not only motivate you to stay physically fit but will also help keep the anxiety and uncertainty at bay. Not sure how to break a sweat while staying indoors? There are always virtual workout routines you can follow – my yoga videos and challenges with a combination of varying intensity asanas will get you good. Lastly and most importantly don’t over eat. Keep it balanced, internally & externally.”

– Anshuka Parwani, Wellness Expert and Founder, Anshuka Yoga

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