Aishwarya Nair Mathew on Aligne, her style and a day in her life

by Editors

Let’s face it, a job title with less than one hyphen no longer cuts it. Case in point: Aishwarya Nair Mathew. Not only is she wine director at her family-run hotel chain The Leela group and founder of Amai treats but also the name behind Aligne, a label she launched last October. Her foray into fashion, Nair tells us, was fueled by several futile attempts at finding functional yet fashion-forward clothing. “Every Aligne piece is something I was looking for in a clothing brand and wasn’t quite able to find. My collection is my personal style manifested into a practical wardrobe,” she says. We sit down with the multi-hyphenate to find out more.

On her personal style
“It’s eclectic yet minimal. I never wear logos as I believe that one should be wearing the brand and not vice versa. On the rare occasion that I do, it will be done ironically and for fun. I am also very versatile and inventive with my wardrobe making plenty of use of the clothes I have collected over the years.”

On the Aligne woman
“I design ideally keeping my own life and busy schedule in mind. Aligne is for the working woman, the empowered woman, the woman who is classic yet unafraid to be bold in her style. She is driven, a multi-tasker and involved deeply with her family and friends.”

On her inspiration
“Post minimalist art, nature (trees, petals and their form), furniture by Pierre Paulin are a few things that have continually inspired me.”


On a day in her life
“My average day is pretty standard. I work from 9 am to 6 pm and head to gym after I am done. I alternate between cardio and weights. In Singapore, where I live most of the time, I also manage my household chores.”

On her foray into fashion
“I have been planning the inception of a fashion label for the last two years. The Virgo in me accounts for this diligent way of doing things. Our focus is to understand what inspires women’s lives and help make their wardrobe decisions easier. I see Aligne as not just a clothing label but a lifestyle label.”

On the future
“Our next phase for Aligne will be to introduce crystals on our website that enhance energy. Our second collection titled Fika sees a bold colour palette inspired by the dynamic expressionist paintings.”

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