Turn It Up With Tulle: Carrie Bradshaw Style

by Samantha Noronha

What do street stylers and Sex & The City’s (1998) Carrie Bradshaw have in common? An affinity for tulle—and lots of it. A soft and ethereal look for people of all ages, tulle cuts a particularly striking contrast on the urban streets of New York, Tokyo, and London.
From Carrie’s signature tulle skirts to her iconic blue Manolo Blahnik courts, and her purple skirt teamed with a Dior slogan sweater, Carrie’s outfits never fail to surprise, delight, and inspire. Here is a woman who knows how to style straight leg jeans as well as how to style an evening gown. Moreover, the woman who rocks Tulle like no other.
To celebrate the return of our favourite New Yorker, here’s how you can add a touch of tulle to your wardrobe across seasons. So grab a cosmo, sit back, get scrolling and most importantly, prepare to get Carried away.
The Iconic Tulle Skirt
One of the best ways to streamline a tulle skirt? Think monochromatic colours. Single toned pairings help streamline the feel, and make the outfit feel more mature, sophisticated and sleek.
Secondly, mini skirts might be our guilty pleasures but when it comes to tulle, midi skirts are especially perfect. They feel way more refined and age appropriate. When paired with pastels, the fusion with tulle embraces all things chic and feminine.

Lilac Tulle Skirt


Navy Blue Skirt


Leopard Butt Shorts With…


Top it Off With A Jacket
Many women love the floaty, fairytale effect of tulle. When styled the right way, a tulle jacket is an easy way to tap into your innate femininity and indulge your whimsical side. However, you do not have to go all out in order to pull off this particular piece of “finery.” No, ma’am.
As with most pieces, there is always a way to add your own twist of personal style to get the look you are going for. Whether that is a street-style look, a funky ensemble, or a formal outfit, a tulle jacket has proved itself time and time again as a very versatile and underrated article of clothing.

Bandhej Tulle Jacket


Beaded Beige Tulle Shrug


Beige Three Tier Design…


A Touch Of Tulle In Indian Wear
Tulle-laden dresses have been a hot fad with Bollywood actresses. Tulle has a romantic, dressy feel to it. It’s sheer, has an ethereal appeal and the transparent quality of this fabric adds elegance to the look. It also gives depth to any colour you choose to go with.
The best thing about tulle indian wear is that it can be moulded and twisted to suit your fancy. It is also easy on the maintenance graph. Since it’s lightweight, you can add as many layers to your ensemble as you like. And rest assured, your outfit will stand the test of time.

Multicolour Lehenga


Embroidered Tulle Lehenga..


Green Tulle Lehenga With…


For those who worship at the altar of lazy lunches, Manolo Blahniks and the Upper East Side, the tulle revival was the fashion moment we’ve all been waiting for. We know what you’re thinking: tulle is just another term for a Ballet tutu, and there’s no way you’re wearing one. But, bear with us now, because you might be missing out.
There’s so many ways you may transform the childhood dress-up staple into daytime and evening looks that will get you through the season. You can try anything from adding tights and a blazer for the nine-to-five, or pairing your skirt with a metallic top for a cool night out.
Remember, you will never go a frill too far, so the more layers and ruches on a tulle outfit, the better.
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