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Make Every Step Count with Footwear Collection for Men on Nykaa Fashion

Correct footwear supports not only the feet but also one's style and confidence. The required attributes of the footwear naturally change with the occasion, theme, and time of the event. Some pairs become everyday essentials; some are designed to complement special dress codes, and the remaining are used to make bold fashion statements. With trends changing fast in the fashion industry, shoemakers and brands are focused on making new designs and features while meeting the practical needs of men. 

The men's footwear collection on Nykaa Fashion ticks all the boxes, giving countless options. Find affordable basics, swanky pieces, and everything in between to give the shoe cabinet a much-deserved makeover. 

Presenting Popular Footwear Types on Nykaa Fashion

The footwear collection for men available on Nykaa Fashion is created neatly to cater to all dress codes and fashion sensitivities. Check out the popular categories and find suitable pairs!

  • Formal Shoes

Formal shoes are the must-haves for business meetings, office days, and formal events. Cocktail parties and other occasions with business or business-casual themes also require formal shoes. Pick from Derbys, Moccasins, Oxfords, and Monks, which are popular go-to options. The use of leather is common in formal shoes. Mostly available colors include multiple shades of brown and black. 

  • Casual Shoes

Casual shoes seamlessly blend style with everyday practicality. These pairs can accompany men with a casual tone to outings with friends, family gatherings, date nights, or anywhere else. Versatility can be noticed in the use of fabrics, colors, and overall designs. Popular picks in this category are slip-ons, slippers, sandals, loafers, mules, sneakers, and boots. 

  • Ethnic Shoes

These shoes are designed to complement traditional outfits. Mojaris, Kohlapuris, Juttis, Pathanis, sandals, and mules are all crowd favorites. Apart from the use of numerous fabrics and colors, you will notice embroidery, mirror work, braided ornamentations, and other traditional craftwork. 

  • Sports Shoes

Sports shoes are specially designed to boost performance, enhance support, and prevent injuries during sports activities. The creative use of colors and patterns has turned practical shoes attractive and made them trending. Running shoes, walking shoes, training shoes, football shoes, basketball shoes, cricket shoes, trekking shoes, badminton shoes, tennis shoes - the list is quite long! 

Tips to Style Footwear for the Best Looks

Pairing the shoes with suitable outfits for the respective event can become an easy and enjoyable task with the following tips.

  • Slay in Monochrome

Monochrome has been in style for a long time and is always a reliable go-to! Pick your shirt, trousers, and layer-ups in the same shades. Do the same with accessories and shoes. If you are going for a black-tie event, wear Derbys, Oxfords, or something similar. Shocks are compulsory if you are wearing formal shoes. In any other case, loafers or mules will be great. 

  • Hit the Chic Casual Vibe

Blending casual vibes with chic tones is the trend of the hour. You can achieve such a look by going for something simple yet classy. A pair of sleek sneakers like the U.S. Polo Assn  Lars Black Sneakers will get the job done when paired with solid t-shirts, relaxed-fit jeans, and bomber jackets. 

  • Let the Shoes Shine

When you have a fascinating pair of formal shoes or a trendy and colorful pair of sneakers, allow them to shine. Keep the rest of your clothes within the same theme but as simple as possible. Don't wear trousers with loose or broad hemlines as they can cover the shoes. 

Handbook for Purchasing Men's Footwear

Your style and the occasion will determine the perfect pair of shoes for you. That said, the following factors are crucial to consider. 

  • Fit

The various types of footwear often need to be picked in different sizes. When wearing sandals, slippers, and any other open-toe shoes, they should fit your foot accurately, not looking too big or too small for you. On the other hand, you can get sneakers, boots, Derbys, and other closed shoes with a bit of wiggle room. 

  • Toe Shape

Formal shoes should have closed toes. Casual shoes can be open-toed. Besides, shoes can have round, pointed, or square toes. Pointed shoes can give a more sleek look at times, but they can irritate the toes if there is not enough space at the front. Round shoes can be both stylish and comfortable. 

  • Ankle Height

The collars of some shoes end well below the ankle, which is a common type. However, shoes can have high collars, some parallel to the ankle and others going higher. Ankle-length or lower shoes are easy to style with trousers. When selecting high ankle height, remember that you might have to tuck in the trousers' hemlines or wear trousers with broad legs. 

  • Comfort

The shoe sole, sides, and straps should all be comfortable to wear. They should provide enough support without putting too much pressure on your feet. 

Buy the Latest Footwear from Nykaa Fashion

Nykaa Fashion is all you need when shopping for men's footwear. You will find an array of shoes for all occasions and in varied categories. From something to pair with hoodies to wear with blazers, we've got you covered! Place your order with a few clicks, make the payment, and we will deliver it soon. Not just footwear, shop complete looks for all your events with Nykaa Fashion and enjoy premium quality at the best prices!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What shoes will go best with jeans and a simple kurta for a casual event?

You can go with an ethnic slipper or a leather sandal without much detailing. 

2. How do I style the same pair of sneakers with different outfits?

Shoes in black, brown, and white generally pair well with multiple colors. If you have colorful or color-block shoes, choose any one or two colors and style around them. This way you can wear them with different outfits.

3. What kind of socks can I wear with loafers?

Shoe liner socks are best to wear with loafers as they will not be visible or interfere with the look.

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