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beatXP - Unbound Era 2.01'' Amoled Display Metal Body Smartwatch - Silver
Unbound Era 2.01'' Amoled Display Metal Body Smartwatch - Silver
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Pebble - Prism With Call Notification Alert And Health Tracker Smartwatch-silver
Prism With Call Notification Alert And Health Tracker Smartwatch-silver
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Initially a symbol of luxury, smart watches are now a ubiquitous, almost necessary accessory. Watches seem to have been on the decline in recent years since the advent of the smartphone and it is understandable that everything a watch can do, a smartphone can do as well. However, an exception to this drop in sales is digital watches, which offer unique features and do much more than just tell the time. You can sync with your phones to view notifications, receive calls, and even track your health activities. What was once seen only as a necessity to tell the time has gradually evolved over the years into a device that goes beyond the time display and emphasizes the style of an accessory.


A smart watch has multiple features that a normal watch does not. It adds to the convenience factor of its wear and offers more functionality than an analog watch. A typical model provides features such as health tracking and syncing to your phone. Syncing your phone to your watch allows you to be hand-free and use all the necessary functions of your phone without having to carry it in your hand all the time. It can sync calls, messages, emails and more. Additionally, it also allows you to set alarms or even use the calculator. The health tracking feature keeps track of your daily step count and heart rate. The newer models also track other health factors such as blood pressure and oxygen levels.


If you’re somebody that is over the analog watch trend and wants something more modern, smart watches are the way to go. Chic yet functional, these designs are versatile and can be worn for multiple occasions without having to worry about looking out of place. No matter what your budget is, you can be assured to get a durable, reliable, functional yet stylish piece. These watches will fit right in with your outfits without you having to fuss about them and they will pair phenomenally well with a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and a casual jacket with sneakers for an everyday look.

Smart Watches based on OS

Different smart watched are equipped with different operating systems, all of which perform differently and allow the watch to perform different functions. Some of the major types of OS in smart watches are Wear OS, Watch OS, Tizen, Asteroid OS, Sailfish OS, and Ubuntu Touch.

1. Wear OS

Wear OS is an operating system which was developed by Google. In spite of not making their own smart watches, this system is used by several other brands such as Sony, Fossil to name a few. It is essentially a slimmed down version of android and has similar functions. It integrates with both Android and iPhone, allows you to access most of Google’s apps along with making and receiving phone calls. It also allows you to respond to messages but does not allow scrolling back up to older messages.

2. Watch OS

Watch OS is Apple’s watch operating system which combines both touch and crown dial along with a sleek user interface. Unlike several other operating systems, Watch OS is only compatible with iPhones. It allows you to use Apple Music, Apple Pay, Maps and Siri, and also has a large selection of third-party apps that can be downloaded on the device. Additionally, it allows you to receive and make phone calls. It has a distinctive feature which allows you to handwrite on the watch and turn that into text.

3. Tizen

Tizen is the operating system found on Samsung’s smart watches. It was co developed by Intel and Samsung but is not used by any other brand. It is similar in function to Wear OS but more lightweight and without the apps provided by Google. Its interface is a rotating bezel which allows you to scroll through the apps and messages.

4. Asteroid OS

Asteroid OS is an operating system designed to provide an alternative to Wear OS. It is an open-sourced operating system which allows you to access notifications, an alarm clock, a stopwatch, music app remote control, the weather forecast and even a calculator.

5. Sailfish OS

The watch is paired with a Sailfish smartphone, which forwards calls and message notifications to the watch. You get notified with a gentle vibration on the wrist, can look at incoming events, easily answer or dismiss incoming calls with a simple gesture, or transfer the call.

6. Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu Touch is an open-source operating system which is designed to provide an alternative to Android and iOS. It has similar functions to Wear OS except for the apps provided by Google.

Top Smart Watches Brands

Nykaa Fashion offers a multitude of smartwatch brands for every range and taste. Fossil is one of the most popular brand offered by us. It is a brand known for its quality and reliability. Another popular brand that makes smartwatches is Titan. TraQ by Titan is its range of smartwatches. These watches are more on the sporty side and are designed to be functional for athletic wear. Other brands offered by us are Mevofit, Garmin, Amazfit, Chumbak, FCUK and French Connection to name a few. So regardless of what your preference is, you are sure to find something to fit your taste.


Which is the best smartwatch under 5000?

Nykaa Fashion offers multiple options for smart watches under 5000. Some of the best selling models are unisex touch screen smartwatch by French connection, smartwatch with fitness sports tracking by Fire-Boltt, and Sense500 BT calling watch by Molife.

Which is better a Fitbit or a smartwatch?

A Fitbit offers only fitness tracking while a smartwatch allows you to use several other functions of your phone along with it. A smartwatch is a better option since it provides multiple other functions such as making and receiving calls, responding to texts, and setting alarms to name a few.

Do you have to carry your phone with smartwatch?

Even though a smartwatch allows you to use several functions of the phone, it does not completely replace it. You can leave your phone behind for short periods but cannot completely give up your phone for a smartwatch.


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